Student Legal Services

If you believe that your landlord is violating your privacy, document your concerns in writing!  Below is a sample letter:

TO: [Landlord]

FROM: [Tenant]

DATE: [Today’s date]

RE: [The address of the property]

This letter is to inform you that I am exercising my privacy rights to control access to my room as provided in the City of Ann Arbor Housing Code (Section 8:529).  I believe you violated this code by:

[Provide a detailed explanation]

For your information, according to the code, you are governed by the entry restrictions in Subsection 8:529(3). Amongst its provisions, the code requires that you provide written notice to me before you or anyone doing work for you, enters my dwelling.

The notice must either be mailed to me at least 5 days before the proposed date of entry or hand delivered at least 3 days prior to the proposed entry.

I urge you to obtain a copy of this code so that you fully understand all of our respective rights and obligations.


[Tenant's Signature]