Student Legal Services

Need a copy of your driver's record? Time to renew your car registration and/or driver's license? As we all know, the civil and monetary penalties can sometimes be steep when we fail to timely renew the necessary evils of life. Some failures may even result in a misdemeanor conviction or points on your driver's record.

Although not all visits stem from situations which could have serious consequences, when you must go to the Secretary of State ("SOS") in person, consider taking some of the dread and time consumption out of the process by using MI-Time Line!

How does it work?  Get in line up to 60-days in advance, at one of the participating offices, using your phone or the internet.  When your turn in line nears, you will be alerted via text message or receive a call. You can also use the red kiosk in these participating offices to get a paper ticket and then receive a call or text sent to your phone when your turn in line nears.

How to get started? In Washtenaw County, the only participating location is the Washtenaw County PLUS office at: 295 North Maple Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48103. To start the process at that location. To locate other participating offices, as well as, to learn more about the system, please go to the SOS’ website.