Note for Parents

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What does Student Legal Services do?

Since 1979, Student Legal Services has been providing legal assistance and legal representation to students.  Our services are available to currently enrolled students at the University of Michigan. Some of our services include consultation, advice, negotiation and depending on the case, legal representation in court proceedings.  We primarily assist students  with landlord-tenant issues, criminal defense, consumer related matters, and family law issues.  In addition we provide consultation and other resources and referrals on a wide range of legal issues.

Why would my student need an attorney?

Student Legal Services supports hundreds of students each year. At age 18, a student is legally an adult. Most students, however, have limited legal and life experience  and do not have the resources available to assist them with legal issues that may arise. Legal issues can include challenging landlords, underage drinking, power of attorney, protective orders, or consumer fraud, any of which may affect their ability to focus on their coursework, and may impact their future. Timely legal assistance  can minimize long-term consequences and reduce distraction from a student’s academic career. 

What is my role as the parent?

You can direct your student to Student Legal Services.  All communications between your student and our attorneys are confidential. This means that our attorneys are absolutely prohibited from discussing your student’s legal matter with anyone. In fact, the lawyers cannot even disclose that a particular student is a client. This confidentiality can be waived, allowing the lawyer to discuss the matter with third parties, but only after a full discussion with the student. Only the student can complete our online appointment form to schedule their appointment. 

How much will it cost?

Student Legal Services is funded through a nominal fee which is automatically included with your student’s tuition.  There are no additional fees for our services. 

If a case proceeds to litigation your student may be responsible for any filing fees and other litigation costs.  

How does my student know if they need an attorney? 

If you or your student is unsure whether or not the issue they are facing is covered by our services, or even if an attorney is necessary, please have your student contact us at 734.763.9920. We will assist your student in determining if we can help directly, or provide other resources and referral information.  

How does my student schedule an appointment?

Request an appointment at: or call us at 734.763.9920.