Student Legal Services

Attorneys are not permitted to represent any party in a Small Claims case.  However, please make an appointment with us to discuss any questions you may have regarding the small claims process.  Below is an overview:

  1. File in the 15th District Court located at the Ann Arbor Municipal Center (301 E. Huron Street, 4th Floor) if your claim is for less than $5,500. For claims greater than $5,500, or if the case is removed to the District Court, please make an appointment to meet with a Student Legal Services attorney.
  2. Camera cell phones are not permitted in the building.
  3. Purchase a small claims AFFIDAVIT and CLAIM form (25 cents) at the Courthouse. (Sample included here).
  4. Complete the form and sign the form in the presence of the clerk so that your signature can be notarized.
  5. Pay the filing fee and the service of process fee. Current filing fees are as follows:
  • Claim up to $600                       $25.00
  • Claim over $600 to $1,750         $45.00
  • Claim over $1,751 to $5,500      $65.00

Once the Defendant has been served with a copy of the Affidavit and Claim, the Court will schedule a date for mediation. If the case is not resolved at mediation, a hearing will be scheduled with the magistrate or judge.