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Document everything! Make sure you have documented all promises/agreements made by your landlord. If the promise was verbal, make sure you follow up with a confirming email or letter to your landlord to avoid misunderstandings. It may be helpful to keep a separate file for all correspondence with your landlord.


The Ann Arbor Housing Code provides that the owner of a rental unit shall not enter a leased unit unless the following conditions have been met:

  1.     The entry is permitted by the terms of the lease.
  2.     A good faith effort has been made to notify the tenant in advance.
  3.     The owner has knocked on the door and announced the owner's presence at the time of entry, and
  4.     The entry has not been refused by a tenant.

The tenants of any rental unit shall have the right to initiate additional entry restrictions that shall govern entry by the owner into the rented premises. You may use the following sample letter with your landlord or owner to address these concerns:


Michigan law provides that in every lease for residential premises the landlord covenants that the premises and common areas are fit for the use intended by the parties. The landlord is responsible for reasonable repairs during the term of the lease.

Request for repairs should be made in writing and dated, with a copy retained for your records.

Options if your landlord fails to make needed repairs:

To discuss your options, please schedule an appointment with an SLS attorney.

Getting Help

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